ALBUM REVIEW: House & Home// Find Sense. Feel Love. Make Light.


Richmond based House & Home mix rock and emo for a unique sound with their debut album “Find Sense. Feel Love. Make Light”.  From start to finish, this 10 track album brings listeners through a variety of emotion, listeners will have this on repeat.

“Tempest” starts the album off strong, using a heavy bass line with a harmonious guitar backing to lead to a catchy riff before vocals come in. The transition from intro to verse is fast but smooth when lead singer Patrick Williams comes in with vocals. Keeping the verse short and sweet, it makes the chorus all the more energetic as the catchy riff appears again.  The vocal harmonies in this song were layered beautifully all throughout. Nearing the end of the track is a sweet guitar solo, tying the song together.

Track 4, “Find Sense.” starts off with a melancholic guitar riff that paves way for the song. This song is one of my personal favorites on this record because although it is more emotional, it remains energetic. The song ends by reeling listeners in with a strong breakdown, followed by the same guitar riff to ring out.

Tracks 8 and 9, take a turn, by slowing it down with layered guitar riffs and softer, harmonious vocals. “Make Light.” especially stands out to me for many reasons, one of which being the grittier vocals nearing the chorus. These vocals give the song power and the emotion the listener was already feeling. The song builds up to a strong bridge, which fades beautifully into the final song on the album, “Cathedral”. This song concludes the album well, as it pulls together elements of all other songs on this record.

All in all, this album was impressive, clean, and extremely catchy. From heavy bass lines, to beautiful vocal harmonies, to captivating guitar riffs, this album was very well done. I personally appreciate the variety seen in this album as they play through many genres for a unique sound. There are elements of pop punk, rock, and emo, all combined for an unforgettable sound.

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