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Hey guys! Where are you from and how did you meet?
We are a Liverpool, UK based band. I couldn’t even tell you how we met but it wasn’t through school or anything – the Happiest of accidents.

What originally inspired you to start a band together?
I was inspired by Oasis and the unity of that band and how 5 mates just seemed untouchable. Forrester was at the Etihad for Stone Roses, picked up a bass the next day and learned ‘I Wanna Be Adored’. Lewis actually used to come and watch us play around Liverpool so eventually snook his way in. Sam felt left out.
What does the name ‘The Kairos’ mean?
I actually couldn’t tell you. I’m sure its on Google somewhere. That’s how we got the name anyway! We had a gig at the Zanzibar booked for weeks and they kept asking for our name so it could go on the poster. It got to about a week before the gig and we resorted to Google.
Your new single ‘Teetotal’ comes out tomorrow – what was the inspiration behind the track? Has it been in production for a while? 
Teetotal came really quickly actually. But if I have to think about it, I’d say the song is built around the intensity and new found freedom of being young and coming of age. Like going out, night life and just growing up with your friends. That kind of thing just becomes something in and of itself I guess. We recorded the song back in October; it was in production for a while but we held onto it until the New year.
What is your recording process like? 
The recording process with Loic in the Motor Museum is actually quite brilliant. I found it very unique in the sense it doesn’t shift from the main focus being creativity. I asked him the other day for an Mp3 of the fourth single before properly mixing it. He told me I could have it if I wanted, but he advised we go in with a blank canvas into the mixing process so its fresh and creative and all this. I had never thought about it like that before. That is obviously only an example, but his whole plan for a song centres around keeping ideas as fresh as possible.
You currently only have one track, ‘Money Mind’, up on Spotify until the release of ‘Teetotal.’ Do you plan to release more songs this year?
That is actually the main reason we held onto Teetotal until January. I can promise you now, anyone who is a fan of our music is in for it this year. We have 4 singles ready to just fire out one after the other, all the way to summer. We are so excited!

What music do you enjoy making the most? Do you plan to stay in this genre or experiment with newer styles? 
I enjoy the songwriting the most, because it is what separates you from all the other great bands. It is also the hardest thing to get right. As a songwriter, you come out with so much shite, until one day you come up with something really great, and that is so addictive. I think we are still busy finding our feet, we are enjoying it but I can’t see us working on Afrobeat yet.
What shows do you have coming up this year? Are there any that you’re particularly excited for? 
We have the Invisible Wind Factory with our dear friends RATS on the 21st of Feb. On top of it being a great gig in general, the ticket demand has been phenomenal. It’s close to selling out. I’ve never seen anything like it. So that’s going to be a dangerous one I think. There’s also Bardfest down south which we have seen the headliners for and it’s actually outrageous. Everything else is top secret and we aren’t really allowed to announce yet!
What has been your favourite show to play so far and why?
Our headline at The Shipping Forecast last year was really great. The crowd for that one blew us away. We have this really old song that only the ones who have been there since the start know, called ‘Fuss’, which traditionally gets played acoustically. The whole room just burst into chorus and it was amazing. We had Courting and Delights on that bill with us aswell so it was a really good night.
What other artists inspire your style?
One band I am really late to the party with this year is The Night Cafè, another Liverpool based band. Which is strange because they play an entirely different style of music to us. But I was just so impressed by the songwriting. I first came across ‘Addicted’ once their album was out. I was really impressed.
Any final words? 
Teetotal is out Friday 24th of January, with lots and lots of music to follow. Invest in this band, because we are giving it all back this year.
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