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We chatted with British alt-rock band Lake Acacia’s bassist Tim to talk about upcoming music, shows, and the formation of the band.


Hey guys! Where are you from and how long have you all been a band for?

Hello, we’re LAKE ACACIA from Oxford (UK), and we’ve been an active band in the form we are now for about 2 years.


What originally inspired you all to pursue music together?

Adam and Joe have known each other for about 10 years now and have been making music together for a long time. What inspired them was watching videos of bands on stage and crowds going mental to the music, they wanted to be on that stage in front of that crowd so they took this path. I (Tim) was constantly surrounded by music from a young age, a lot of my family members were heavily involved in music so I guess it was inevitable I was going to start playing. We all then met through a mutual friend out of pure luck and just clicked musically and as friends. On top of that we all wanted to do the same thing which was be successful in music and that’s how we got to this point.


You‘re about to release a new single “Headcase” on January 24th, what can we expect of the new track, and was the inspiration behind making it? 

You can expect more of what you can find on our previous tracks: Groovy riffs, big choruses and harmonies without giving too much away. ‘Headcase‘ is all about having something negative on your mind that affects the way you think about things in your everyday life and makes you feel frustrated or insecure about who you are. The song generally refers to a particular person being the cause of this however it could be a habit or bad memory that keeps coming back.


Your previous single “The Weekend” came out a few months ago – would you mind sharing the inspiration behind that too?

We wanted to write a song which was about letting go a bit and trying to enjoy yourself, not stressing about the small things so you can let loose and have a good time. Like most people we see the weekend as a time to forget about work and responsibilities for a short period, it’s a chance to be free from those things. We wanted to almost take a less serious approach to this track (especially when making the video) and purely go with the flow because really that’s what the song is about. You can’t fake having fun so by taking this less serious approach idea we feel was the best way of going about it.



You have already released two EPs, are you looking to produce any further EPs or albums this year?

We’ve got plans to release a lot of music this year and try to gain even more momentum. As you’ve mentioned, we’re releasing another track at the end of January and can confirm that we’ll be brining out another EP soon.


In the studio, what roles do you each have? Is it split between you in creating songs or do you each have individual roles in what you’re putting out?

With a lot of the tracks so far Adam has brought the initial idea forward and then we all listen to it and contribute any other ideas/slight changes (if any), we like the process to be really open. At the moment we’ve chosen to record, mix and master ourselves, and Adam takes the role in doing that side of things. But in terms of the music itself anyone can bring anything to the table and there’s no real specific roles we have other than playing our own instruments.


What genre would you define your music? Are you planning to experiment with different styles? 

We class ourselves as modern alt-rock. We take influence from lots of different genres and tend to have elements of these within our music to try and create something original sounding.


What artists inspire your music writing and sound? 

Of course we’re big fans of Muse, they’re half the reason we began playing in a band to be honest. We also love Biffy Clyro for the 3 part harmonies and the more proggy approach to writing music. We also like a lot of more modern sounding bands too like Don Broco and Royal Blood.


Are there any places you’re hoping to play this year? Or any dates you already have planned? 

We’ve already got some dates lined up which you can find below:
17th Jan 2020 – Route 44, Birmingham
22nd Jan 2020 – Metal To The Masses, Oxford
25th Jan 2020 – Fiddlers Elbow, London
1st Feb 2020 – MK11, Milton Keynes
3rd Feb 2020 – The Jacaranda, Liverpool
22nd Feb 2020 – Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes (Omni Fest)
29th Feb 2020 – The Wheatsheaf, Banburyand
There’s also tonnes of places we want to play and we’re going to try and make sure we get there. For example, we really want to get into the Bristol and Brighton music scene.
What was your favourite show of 2019 and why? 
To be honest, we’re torn between our the set we played at Truck Festival and the set we played supporting Mallory Knox on their final tour. Both were absolutely mental in their own ways and comparing a festival to a normal show is really hard because they’re two completely different vibes. The audience and the comments we got after both shows reminded us why we do what we do which made them all the more special, so it’s a tie between these two.
What was the inspiration for your band name “Lake Acacia”? 

There’s no real story behind the name, when we were coming up with one we just wrote a bunch of random words down on a bit of paper and put different ones together and chose the one that sounded best.


Is there anything else you’d like to add?

The only thing we can think to add is follow our social media @lakeacacia and keep up to date on we’re up to if you’re interested in what we do. Also, we would like to thank everyone who has supported us along the way so far because it honestly means so much to us!

Keep up with Lake Acacia: INSTAGRAM // TWITTER // FACEBOOK // WEBSITE

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