ALBUM REVIEW: Ashland// Over The Moon


Have you ever been to space? Ashland will take you with their sophomore album Over The Moon, released December 13, 2019. This pop-rock band from Illinois, really stepped up their game with this new album. Throughout these 10 tracks, they provide a variation of electric beats, beautiful melodies, and distorted guitar riffs.

The first song gives the album a gentle, emotional vibe, using a melody that rings out. It builds up to a strong chorus where lead singer, Asia Marie uses a wide vocal range to give the song depth. The song fades into a mesmerizing guitar riff and melodic vocal backing, to fade perfectly into track two, “Over The Moon”. This track is slower, and uses echoey vocals and piano to pair perfectly with the beat.

Track 4, “No Place”  brings a different energy to the album, beginning with a deep beat combined with lower vocals. Their use of a darker, energetic beat and layered vocals create a song perfect to dance along to. Another track that stands out to me on this album is track 9, “I Don’t Mind”. This song is slow paced, with soft vocals and acoustic guitar. This is definitely a song that would sound heavenly with headphones in, and great to listen to when you’re feeling more mellow. The bridge uses guitar, piano, and echoey vocals to build up to the last chorus, where Asia uses multiple tracks to enhance a greater emotional feel.

The last song, “Gotta Go”, was used perfectly to conclude the album. It creatively blends together beats, harmonies, and guitar styles that were seen in other songs on this album. It starts off with a synth beat and progressively louder vocals. The chorus is cheery and upbeat, transitioning into a faster paced second verse. The bridge rings out, as beat slows down and the piano is made more noticeable. Ending with one more energetic chorus, this song leaves you feeling charged up and ready to listen again!

From start to finish, any listener will agree that you will experience a wide range of emotion. All in all, singer Asia Marie and guitarist Aaron Wood killed it with this album! [embedyt][/embedyt]

You can stream Over The Moon on Spotify and Apple Music!

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