LIVE REVIEW: Sigrid // Manchester, UK


The cold of winter may have hit the streets of Manchester, but Norwegian hit maker Sigrid soon brought back the heat with her energetic show at the Manchester Academy last Friday; all in support of her debut album released earlier this year; Sucker Punch.

Lights flashed vigorously with bright yellow beams panning the room. The first few cheers began as band members entered the Academy positioned on a raised platform, however, the screams soon multiplied as a visibly ecstatic Sigrid bounded onto the stage sporting her classic blue ripped jeans with a plain white t-shirt. In contrast the vibrant and colourful geometric stage graphics were anything but plain making her stand out as she began to sing hit song; Mine Right Now.

Proceeding the lively start, Sigrid immediately stripped back the set to perform heart-felt ballad; In Vain. With a full moon visual shining bright behind, Sigrid and her backing singers shared a moment with the crowd as the song showcased their stunning exposed harmonies.

Don’t Kill My Vibe held a great significance in the show, it is a clear fan favourite discussing topics of not letting negative influences get you down as the audience sung louder than ever. Arms outreached to each other under the deep purple haze of lighting and smoke; they powered through the verse until reaching the inspirational chorus soaking up every last empowering word. The upbeat vibes continued through album title track; Sucker Punch; by which point Sigrid was completely in her element smiling pointing to a few lucky fans while cupping her hand to her ear urging the entire crowd to sing as loud as they could. The view was truly mesmerising with background screens radiating spiralling visuals that mimicked those pictured on Sucker Punch’s album artwork.

Moving forward the audience experienced another emotional performance of the song Dynamite sung by Sigrid alone at her flower coated keyboard under a spotlight. Voices loud and phone lights in the air; fans enjoyed every second. Strangers and Don’t Feel Like Crying brought the night to a close as Sigrid took a short break from dancing to close her eyes and get lost in the moment of a sold out Manchester crowd reciting the words back to her. After a night to remember and the UK tour shortly coming to an end, fans will wait patiently to welcome Sigrid back with open arms.

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