Politics and music do not have a history of peacefully coexisting. Scott Helman’s new single and the message behind it may have changed that. Scott’s new single EVERGREEN is about the climate crisis we are currently facing. A very scary topic that causes anxiety as we all head toward an unknown future. Instead of strictly releasing a single, he created the evergreen project which is an inspirational movement that holds the potential for real change. Scott had his fans fill out an online form, anonymous or not, and had them explain the fears they have that are caused by the climate crisis. He then chose some of these submissions and put them in a manuscript to then distribute to federal, provincial, and municipal levels of government. He also had an event, in which he created a mural, and had those attending sign the mural. The lyrics in this song are powerful, and create a vivid picture. For example:

“There’s cups in the lake, and heat from the beam

Rising seas, and a world on fire

Sun shines, so we draw the blinds

Someone shook us from the back of a fire

Too late to go outside

This money in our pocket, but it sure ain’t mine

Some days I’m doing fine

Most I’m losing my mind

And I can’t take it, this ever-changing spinning world

But maybe I can make it if we plant seeds in the dirt”

Between the song, and the movement it sends a clear message. Not by spreading hate, but discussing the fears that are caused by this problem we are facing, and attempting to make change. I highly recommend watching the music video for this very inspiring song. It’s a tiny bit of comfort that change is possible when you feel so small and are facing such a huge problem. 


Watch the video here:



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