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American Teeth is a new alternative-pop project from singer Elijah Noll and producer Colin Brittain. We had the chance to chat with Elijah about his debut single, “Chemicals” and his upcoming tour with DREAMERS this fall.


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Melodic Magazine: Your first song, “Chemicals” was just recently released. What was the process like behind creating this song?

Elijah Noll: “Chemicals” was one of the first tracks Colin (producer) and I started working on together. I had a rough night the night before, was hungover and went into the session feeling like shit, so I felt like we should tell that story. Colin got working on the track while I got into lyrics and melody, and it grew from there.

Melodic Magazine: How has your process/songwriting evolved from previous projects you’ve been involved in?

Elijah Noll: The overall process has remained relatively the same for me, but it all depends on how I’m working/who I’m working with. In the past, I’ve done a lot of writing on my own, but I really love collaborating with other dope writers and producers. I’ve been writing with some great writers since I moved to LA two years ago. Colin and I collaborate quite seamlessly, and that’s a big reason I’m so hyped on American Teeth. 

Melodic Magazine: How was this unique project formed?

Elijah Noll: Colin and I ran into each other by happenstance, and once we got into the studio together, we got into a rhythm quickly. We did a few sessions for other artists first, and after Colin came back from producing a record with A Day To Remember, he called me up to ask if I wanted to do a project together. We spent a couple of months in his studio writing and put together a bunch of songs that I can’t wait to release and play live. 

Melodic Magazine: You’re also about to embark on your first tour with DREAMERS, which is very exciting– congrats! What can fans expect from your set?

Elijah Noll: I can’t wait to tour. The DREAMERS boys are my homies, and I’m grateful that they’re bringing us along on this run! Playing on stage and bringing the songs to life, creating an exciting experience for everybody is so fun for me. This show is definitely going to be the most high energy show I’ve ever done. 

Melodic Magazine: What are you most excited about your upcoming tour?

Elijah Noll: Meeting a ton of new people and introducing this music to them. I’m anxious to see how it connects with everybody.

Melodic Magazine: Are there any upcoming plans for more new music? 

Elijah Noll: Yeah, we’ve got a nice line up of songs that I can’t wait to share. This tour may be the only way to get a sneak peek before they’re released (so come to a show!)

Melodic Magazine: Is there anything special you want people to know about American Teeth as we conclude?

Elijah Noll: Well, this is more about me, but I just found out that by having an artificial heart valve, I’m quite literally a CYBORG and that makes me so happy.


Be sure to check out American Teeth on tour this fall with DREAMERS from 11/19 to 12/6. Check out “Chemicals” on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Keep up with American Teeth: Instagram // Twitter // Facebook



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