Lauv Releases First Single From Upcoming Album


Do you ever find yourself living in two different worlds?  There is the real world, where you have to talk to people in person, see people in person, and try to exist in the best way you know possible.  Then, there is the internet, where you can be whoever you want.  Well, Lauv knows what you’re going through and is ready to talk about it in his new single, “Drugs & The Internet.”

When you first listen to the track, you get a sense that this is going to be a post-breakup piano ballad where Lauv wallows in his hurt feelings.  He talks about how “she walked out, said I was boring,” leaving him to seek solace with friends at a bar.  Just when we think we know where this is going, however, the song becomes more upbeat and Lauv discusses finding his worth through the internet.

Of course, we can’t really rely on the internet to make ourselves feel better.  The internet can become very toxic because it instills in us this need to, literally, be liked.  Lauv recognizes this and states towards the middle of the track, “I don’t wanna base my actions on reactions or the things they say.”  If we end up living for the internet, it might control our every move.

This is the first official single from Lauv’s upcoming debut album, ~how i’m feeling~.  A few weeks ago, Lauv posted on social media about this album, which is not going to drop in typical album-release fashion.  He wants to release the songs as he makes them because he might not be feeling the same way about those songs when they come out on the finished album.  We do not know when the album will be released, or when the next track will come out, but we do know that Lauv is going on a tour to support ~how i’m feeling~ in the fall.  You can find more details about the tour here.

Stream “Drugs & The Internet” now on sites like Apple Music and Spotify and be sure to check out the music video below!



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