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While the music scene is currently dominated either by Hip-Hop or Pop music, Spanish Rock singer Leiva stands his ground with his latest solo release “Nuclear.”

With so much sincerity, Leiva lays his heart out as he takes the listener through his bright and dark times. Despite being an album less than an hour long, Leiva effectively carries his messages and themes through the short passage.

Starting with what appears to be a bright song in the first listen, in “Expertos,” (Experts) the Rock singer infuses certain pop elements to the song thus creating an infectious beat. As one pays more attention, the listener gains a deeper understanding of the singer’s heartbreak. The duality of the lyrics concerning the past relationship and his emotions with the light melody allows the listener to experience both the good and the bad emotions of the relationship.

Expressing his emotions effectively throughout the album, another case of duality appears once again but this time through the use of two different songs. Still discussing relationships, in “No Te Preocupes por Mi,” (Don’t Worry About Me) Leiva sings about running away before a relationship grows weary and hopes it will get back to how it was. Always remembering about the highs of his relationship, the singer informs his lover to not worry about him  for he will always remember the love that was present. In contrast, “Maniobras Suicidas” (Suicidal Maneuvers) follows right after and expresses how one should throw oneself and fight to the death in order to save a relationship. As the listener gains a deeper understanding of Leiva’s self-esteem and emotions, Leiva demonstrates how truly talented he is with his songwriting and storytelling.

Effectively expressing his imagery, Leiva is later accompanied by Bunbury and Ximena Sariñana in “Godzilla.” With expressive vocals, the trio inform the listener of the struggle when it comes to forgetting of someone who was so important to them at one point of their lives. Using Godzilla as a reference point, they express how they could take control of the planet to clear their minds, yet they still would not be able to forget. Both beautiful and sad, the song is sure to be relatable to several.

Filled with beautiful melodies and themes, “Nuclear” is definitely a must-listen. With such amazing production and creative storytelling, Leiva’s songs will leave you having the album on repeat and wanting more.

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