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Noise rock group Daughters swung through the Masquerade in Atlanta on the heels of their critically-acclaimed reunion album You Won’t Get What You Want. The sold-out crowd in Hell was filled with every demographic, whether they were older fans familiar with their 2003 debut Canada Songs, or younger fans who were ready to mosh with a vigorous fervor. All were there to see the return of the Providence-based band that no one had expected to reunite. Alexis SF Marshall and the rest of the band took the stage with the kind of intensity that Daughters made their mark with; Marshall, with his flowery shirt and vest, quite literally dove in to the set with “The Reason They Hate Me”, launching into the crowd to get as close to their adoring fans as possible. From there, the set took off without ever letting down. Marshall and guitarist Nicholas Andrew Sadler seemed to be  reverent towards the crowd,  constantly thanking them for waiting years for the reunion. Daughters played as if they never left, with the enigmatic Marshall prowling the stage with an intensity that left me wondering how he had enough energy to make it through a fourteen song set. The frontman is a marvel, and the band exhibited a kind of air-tight precision that had each fan losing it as they transitioned into each new song. Moshing, stage diving, dancing — the crowd went wild at every turn. Finally concluding with “Ocean Song”, Marshall ushered in the ending refrain:

“To know, to see for himself
If there is an ocean beyond the waves, beyond the waves”

The fans hung off of his every word, shouting the refrain back. As this repeated endlessly, Marshall dove back into the arms of the adoring fans, making his way to the very back of the venue to the sound. Like that, the set ended, and normalcy was attained — but for a span of 70 minutes, all were beholden to Daughters. Check out our photo coverage of the set below:

View Daughters’s remaining tour dates here.

Listen to the universally-acclaimed You Won’t Get What You Want on Spotify.


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