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You don’t need me to tell you that Billie Eilish is unstoppable. At only sixteen years old, this pop princess has taken the music world by storm, headlining festivals, soaring through charts, and completely selling out country-wide tours. Melodic Mag was lucky enough to witness Eilish’s concert during the 1 By 1 Tour‘s stop Phoenix, AZ. With tour just ended, let’s look back on a performance that was positively electric.

Opening first for the young dynamo was her very own brother, Finneas O’Connell. Having written and produced much of Eilish’s content, O’Connell has already proved himself in the studio. With his emotional opening set-punctuated by frequent screams of “I love you!” from the barricade-O’Connell left no doubt that he easily holds his own on the stage.

Shortly after O’Connell, Atlanta rapper and producer Childish Major took the stage. Starting the set by helping manage an incredibly raucous barricade (a testament to Eilish’s hold over her crowds before even appearing), Childish Major led a high-energy set, a perfect complement to O’Connell’s impassioned croons. Though the majority of the audience seemed unfamiliar with Childish Major, he expertly maintained their attention and excitement. By the middle of the set, the crowd was jumping and singing along with him.

After much anticipation, Eilish took the stage to absolutely overwhelming screams. “My Boy” kicked the set off, yet the melody was quite nearly drowned out by the enthusiastic yells from the crowd. At barricade stood young fans, many of whom were experiencing their first concert, clad in Eilish’s signature beanies. The delight on their faces when their idol looked directly at them to sing was undeniable.

Eilish leaned into her distinct style of cool yet creepy throughout the show-from entering the stage to the American Horror Story theme music to the stage set up of a giant illuminating spider-Eilish does not shy away from embracing sinister tones. Despite her acceptance of unsettling imagery, Eilish was committed to engaging with her fans. She frequently spoke to the audience between songs, introducing herself and asking about everyone’s day.

One of Eilish’s most distinct characteristics is the fact that, above everything else, she’s still a 16 year old kid. Rather than an unbearably polished performance, Eilish was undeniably herself. She brought with her the creativity and energy that was quintessentially teen. From her ukulele cover of “Hotline Bling” to encouraging her fans to jump “like you just ordered Taco Bell and it just got to your door,” Eilish has the knack of making her whole audience join her in shedding pretense.

The 1 By 1 Tour’s stop in Phoenix was full of magical moments. Whether it was the audience putting away their phones for “When The Party’s Over,” or the duet of “Hostage” with O’Connell, or the incredible swell of voices singing along to “Ocean Eyes,” Eilish demonstrated an undeniably ability to bring a room together with electric energy. And the fact that that room was full of so many young faces is exactly what makes Eilish so exciting. She brings with her a vibrancy and energy that has awoken a new generation of music fans, one that will learn to love music and performance right alongside their idol. She may just be getting started, but one thing is abundantly clear: Billie Eilish is here to stay.

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