I went record shopping with electro-pop band KOPPS recently at NYC’s Generation Records. They picked out some of their favorite records, and then I sat down for a quick chat with them. Check out the photos and interview below!


Melodic Mag: First off, can you guys introduce yourselves?

Kopps: Hi, we’re Kyle, Patricia, Travis, and Gesture.

MM: What were some of your top records that you guys chose today at Generation?

Patricia: For me, mine are “Asia” by Steely Dan, Mariah Carey’s “Emotions,” and Whitney Houston’s “Self Titled.” 

Kyle: My main one was Sarah McLachlan. I forgot the name of the album actually, but it’s my favorite album [laughs]. And it has “Sweet Surrender” on it.

Travis: I picked out a bunch, too many to name to pick a favorite. 

MM: Would you say that some of the albums you picked out influenced your sound as a band and play into the electro-pop and indie style you guys have?

Patricia: I think we all have very eclectic tastes and we pull things from all kinds of influences. Some of the things I guess can be in the same area but still not quite could be like Gorrilaz, Peaches…but there are little tidbits that we take from everything that we like. We learn something from everything we like, as far as what we apply to our music. Our music’s kind of hard to describe though, I feel like. 

MM: I saw that you guys chose a variety of stuff, from Whitney Houston to Gorillaz…

Kyle: To Men in Black! [laughs]

MM: Finally, what are some of your upcoming plans as a band?

Patricia: We’re releasing a single in November, we just released a single a few days ago called “Baby, I’m Dead Inside” with a video, so that’s cool. And after the first of the year, we have a bunch of music we’ve been sitting on that we’re ready to release. And I’m sure there will be some shows in the future. And then we’re going to play the Super Bowl after that! 


Keep up with Kopps: Website // Twitter // Instagram // Spotify


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