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Last Sunday I got the chance to talk to Martin Broda of indie-pop band, Cherry Pools, after their set at the Visulite Theatre. He was able to answer questions for Melodic about tour, live shows, and what the rest of 2018 holds for the “bad boys from heaven.”

Melodic (Elizabeth): What are your names and what do each of you play? 

Martin: I’ll let you know the other guys. I’m Martin, I sing and I play a bunch of other instruments on stage. I play guitar, keys, all of the above, the cowbell as well. We have Talyn Prior, who’s our bassist, we have Sean Medeiros our drummer, and then we have a fill-in guitar player by the name of Niles Gregory.

Melodic (Elizabeth): So, 2018, this is your second tour this year?

Martin: This is our third tour actually! Our first one was with PVRIS in February, supporting PVRIS the band not like in Paris. Then our second tour was with a band called IDKHBTFM, which is the ex bass player from Panic! AtThe Disco, Dallon Weekes, and then the ex drummer from Falling In Reverse, Ryan Seaman, which was super cool! SO this is our third one and we’re tackling a different market right now which is cool. Lydia fans are a little more older and I feel like they really kind of dive into instrumentation and kind of just vibe music from a mature standpoint. It’s less of a fangirl and fanboy kind of stature but it’s cool, it’s definitely a different market but we’re seeing people turn heads and shit. A lot of people don’t really know of us so, we get a lot of comment at the end of the show of people saying, “Hey, we didn’t know of you guys walking in but y’all are super cool and in our lane of music that we listen to right now.” I like catching people when they have NO idea who the opening band is because their expectations are super low. NOT SAYING THAT WE’RE BAD but I feel like our live show is pretty good and we kinda strike a chord in their mind.

Melodic (Elizabeth): So, from the three tours you guys have been on, what’s been the MOST memorable moment for you?

Martin: I would say the amount of tiki bars we hit up on tour. The drummer of IDKH really likes tiki bars so we hit up a good amount. ACTUALLY, let me tell you a funny story. So, on the second tour, we’d played this venue before, it’s in Milwaukee and it’s called The Rave. It’s a legendary venue, a lot of famous rockstars and artists have played there before and it’s supposedly haunted. So before our set, our manager was on one side and I was on the other and he was like, “If there are any ghosts in here, let yourself be known.” I didn’t know about this so I had no idea, and then it was show time so we walk on stage and we start playing our first song and literally everything just starts falling apart and I’m like, “what the hell is going on?” I had heard it was haunted but I didn’t know they were going to mess with our set.

Melodic (Elizabeth): Using only 5 words, describe a Cherry Pools live show.

Martin: Oh, boy! Colorful, pastel, energetic, vibes, and aesthetic. We’re aesthetic as fuck.

Melodic (Elizabeth): So I know a lot of artists don’t like being put into a specific category or genre, but if you could make up your own genre to put Cherry Pools in, what would it be?

Martin: I would say glamboyant. It’s a new genre I’m trying to develop so, it’s a mixture of glam rock and just, flamboyancy. Glamboyant, that’s the thing we’re rollin’ with now.

Melodic (Elizabeth): So, do you have plans for the remainder of the year?

Martin: Yeah! We don’t have anything confirmed 100% that I could tell you right now but we have a lot of potential tour offers that are kind of solidifying right now which I’m stoked on. We have a fall tour, we have a tour at the top of 2019 which I’m stoked about as well. Stuff should be coming out sooner or later!

Melodic (Elizabeth): So I have a couple of rapid fire questions, these are all from Cherry Pools fans on both Instagram and Twitter! First up, favorite TV show?

Martin: Hell yeah! Oh, boy! Saved By The Bell.

Melodic (Elizabeth): Favorite movie?

Martin: I would say Goodfellas.

Melodic (Elizabeth): Favorite artist?

Martin: Currently, The Drums.

Melodic (Elizabeth): Favorite song to play live?

Martin: Hollywood, for sure! It’s a bop.

Melodic (Elizabeth): So, if you weren’t a music right now, what do you think you’d be doing?

Martin: Absolutely nothing. There’s no other career path or career that would sway me to do something other than this. I can’t even fathom what I would do honestly.

Melodic (Elizabeth): Tour. Driving. Who does most of the driving?

Martin: Me. I’m like the dad of the group because I’ve been doing this for a minute now so I’m kind of just guiding everybody but it’s cool, I understand my role.

Melodic (Elizabeth): Alright, that’s all I have! Thank you so much for talking to me!


You can catch Cherry Pools on tour with Lydia for the remainder of the month!

Ticket link here:

Keep up with Cherry Pools on their socials:

Instagram // Twitter // Facebook


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