ONES TO WATCH: Spring 2018 Edition


By Lauren Armao

March through May is always an exciting time for music. Spring season allows for the announcement of a good number of tours and albums, which makes our wallets cry… but makes our Spotify playlists happy!

Here are my favorite recent releases that you’ll catch me listening to all spring:

#1: Wallows – Spring EP

For fans of: HUNNY, COIN, Hippo Campus

This six song masterpiece was just released on April 6th. It was one of my most anticipated releases of 2018, and these guys did not disappoint one bit. It’s the perfect blend of alternative, nostalgic spring-summer garage jams that I will simply never get tired of. Ever.

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#2: The Vaccines – Combat Sports

For fans of: The Drums, The Strokes, The Libertines

If you haven’t already read Emily’s review of this album, go check it out! I have really gotten into The Vaccines this year and am a huge fan of their punchy indie-rock sound, and to me it’s the perfect soundtrack to send me straight into summer.

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#3: Faze Wave (various tracks)

For fans of: Hate Drugs, Lunar Vacation, Babyblu

I got into these guys this past winter and haven’t stopped listening to them since. They’ve released two singles in 2018 thus far, Leagues and Suburban Boy, both of which (as well as a ton of their other songs) have been on many of my playlists this year. I recently got to see them live, and you can check out the show review here.

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#4: Night Riots – Colour Morning (track)

For fans of: COIN, The Maine, Bad Suns

I will jump at any chance in any conversation whatsoever to talk about these guys. For lack of a better word, they are simply… amazing. Cheesy, but give them a listen and you’ll see what I mean. This track is insanely catchy and has that indescribable Night Riots feel to it that I can’t get enough of. Also, they’re going on tour soon! Buy tickets here.

Listen on Spotify

Let us know what is on your Spring Playlists below!



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