REVIEW: Mae Krell // ‘Monsters’ Music Video


* To note: Mae identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns.

If you haven’t already, check out our feature of Mae in our Ones to Watch article or the album review of their first EP that, Anabasis.

After the release of “Monsters” nearly two years ago, this simple yet powerful music video is an incredible call back to where blooming 19 year-old Mae Krell got their start. Shot by Sarah Midkiff on a budget of just $150, the set is simple; a darkened child’s bedroom, bathed in a soft teal glow. We see a girl (Krell’s sister, Ness) hidden under the blankets, her small hood illuminated. As the video progresses, the girl is constantly plagued by the monsters that come to her as she tries to escape them and sleep, in the form of hands that are reaching across to grab her. As the song builds, the girl is restless, shaking off the monsters left and right. She eventually gets up and turns the light on, revealing nothing. As the song fades out, the girl turns the light off, and returns to bed.

This video is a simple yet powerful homage to Krell and their own personal struggles. Following the original release of “Monsters”, Krell spent a year in a treatment center in Utah, battling their own personal demons. With the current age of ever-changing social media, it is truly difficult for an artist to step back and bring attention to their own emotions, and the struggles they face. Krell has captured that struggle and feeling perfectly with the “Monsters” music video. No huge casts, no grand set, no pyro or special effects, just a girl, the monsters plaguing her, and Krell’s touching lyrics.

This video fits right in to the story of Krell’s first EP, Anabasis, about a teen making her way through life, and the struggles and successes that come with it. Krell is growing at a surprising rate, and as they gear up for tour (see this post for dates and details), fans cannot wait to see what they have in store. Watch ‘Monsters’ and stream Anabasis on Spotify below!

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