LIVE REVIEW: Q100 Birthday Blowout // Atlanta, GA


By: Delanee Wilson

On February 16th, I went over to the Coca-Cola Roxy in Atlanta for Q100’s “Birthday Blowout” show.

All we knew going into the show was that there would be performances by MAX, Daya, and Fall Out Boy (Fall Out Boy was the primary reason I wanted to attend).

I showed up to the venue only to see a massive line out the door, extending for nearly three blocks. A vast majority of the people in line were wearing Fall Out Boy shirts. Fans anywhere from age 6 to 60 were sporting their merch! I was starting to get excited.

Up first was MAX, a New York native singer-songwriter signed to DCD2 records. He was energetic and fun, and he really got the crowd hyped up for the rest of the night. I personally enjoyed his performance a lot, as he really knew how to put on a show!

Next came Daya, a female singer-songwriter from Pittsburgh, PA, signed to Interscope records. She was adorable, and a lot of people in the crowd were singing along to her songs! You could tell she had a great time performing, and overall, people really seemed to enjoy her.

Finally, the moment we had all been waiting for… Fall Out Boy. The lights dropped and the crowd roared. When the lights came back on we saw the four boys sitting in chairs on stage with their instruments, ready to play. Sure, we were all excited to see Fall Out Boy perform, but we were still a little disappointed. Everyone was under the impression that we were getting a full-blast FOB set, but instead they decided to play acoustic. It was alright in the end, though. It was intimate experience that not many people get to say they had!

The biggest issue for me, however, was that they only played a 30 minute set (just like MAX and Daya). Knowing that Fall Out Boy is a much bigger, more popular act than MAX or Daya, everyone assumed that they would be headlining the show, playing a longer set than the other two acts. It was a little disappointing, as it almost seemed like the three acts were “co-headlining” the gig. In the end, I’m still grateful that I got to see Fall Out Boy, and I’m still glad I went to the show! I just wish Q100 would have told us what to expect ahead of time.

If you want to attend a show representing a variety of artists and genres, I highly recommend going to the Q100 Birthday Blowout! It’ll be a blast.


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