Five Bands For December


By: Lauren Armao

If you’re anything like me, you could easily sit on Spotify for hours, digging around to find great new music and making playlists with hundreds and hundreds of new songs. There’s something so exciting about finding new music or finding a new band to get into. 2017 was a great year for up and coming artists, and this past month I’ve found some new favorites. Here are five bands that have been gracing my playlists throughout November and December:



For fans of: Hippo Campus, Beach Weather, The Night Cafe

Wallows might only have four songs in their entire discography, but nonetheless, they are my favorite new band of 2017. They released their first single this past spring, following with more singles throughout the year. With an indie sound that combines nostalgic-sounding vocals and wam, feel-good guitar riffs, Wallows is one of those bands that hook you right from the start. I’m hoping for a full length in 2018 – and I know you will be too after giving them a listen.

Listen to: Pulling Leaves off Trees, Sun Tan, Pleaser, Uncomfortable

Night Riots


For fans of: Bad Suns, Finish Ticket, DREAMERS

I recently had the pleasure of seeing the band Night Riots open for The Maine on the Modern Nostalgia Tour. I had heard of them before but had never listened to any of their songs; however, I was blown away by how great their set was at the show. Not only was the music fantastic, but these guys know how to put on a good show and get the crowd’s energy going. Their third full-length album, Love Gloom, was released earlier this year, and it’s now one of my top albums of 2017.

Listen to: Contagious, Nothing Personal, Breaking Free, All For You



For fans of: Joywave, COIN, Eyes on The Shore

I’m so thankful to have friends with great music taste – I found this gem of a band through a screenshot of Spotify on an Instagram story and after giving them a listen, I can say that I’m fully obsessed with HUNNY. After releasing an EP in 2015, they released two singles in 2016 and another EP this past May, titled Windows I. I’m not kidding when I say that every song on this EP is amazing. Do yourself a favor and go check them out!

Listen to: Televised, Shy, Colder Parts, Vowels (And the Importance of Being Me)



For fans of: Junior Prom, DREAMERS, The Wrecks

I don’t remember how I found Mainland, but I’m glad I did. After releasing subsequent EP’s in 2014 and 2015, the band have been steadily releasing a stream of fantastic singles since 2016; their most recent one “I Found God” was released this past September. The band tastefully mixes lighthearted pop-rock (think Vampire Weekend) with a bit of 90’s alternative and garage riffs to create your next favorite song. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this band.

Listen to: I Found God, Empty Promises, Permission Slip, Outcast

The Cautious


For fans of: The Technicolors, SWMRS

Spotify Recommended really blessed me with this one – isn’t that one of the most satisfying things? The Cautious have released two EP’s so far; Grasp in 2016 and Less Than You Bargained For in 2017 (another one of my favorite releases of this year). Mixing feel-good riffs with some more experimental progressions, The Cautious have found their way into my playlists (and my heart) as I’m sure they will yours.

Listen to: Katherine, Surface, Response, Mislead



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