By Tatum Smith
We had a few questions for the band, The Palms! They were nice enough to answer a few of our questions for us exclusively at Melodic Magazine.
Can you tell us what you are currently up to at the end of 2017?

-We’re releasing a 12 song mixtape December 8th comprised of songs we wrote, produced and recorded in 2017.

Who would you say your biggest influence is?
-We’re trying to create a world where The Beatles and Kanye West could tour together. It sounds crazy, but it makes perfect sense to us. We’re inspired and influenced by Hip Hop as much as any other genre.

What is your favorite venue that you’ve played at?
-The Troubadour.

If you could be in one band other than yours, what would it be?
-Hmmm… The Stones.

Any interesting stuff that you want Melodic Magazine to cover?
-Dropping our Mixtape called “Mulholland Dr.” Dec. 8th! Collection of songs we wrote, produced and recorded over the course of 2017… each song reflecting different episodes in our lives personally and culturally. Essentially a collection of journal entries from this crazy, f#cked up year!

For the latest news on The Palms, check out their social media pages, below!


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