ALBUM REVIEW: Vista Kicks // Booty Shakers Ball


By: Delanee Wilson

On September 15th, Northern California indie rock band, Vista Kicks, released their widely anticipated debut album, “Booty Shakers Ball”.

After the release of two hit singles “Circles” and “Make It Real”, followed by “Baby You’re Right”, the group began to gain some traction. In April 2016, they followed up with an epic six-song EP titled “Chasing Waves”, which was a hit in the indie community. After being blown away by the exploratory sounds of the EP, Vista Kicks fans were waiting on the edge of their seats for the band to drop a full-length LP.

But finally, after a year and a half of anticipation and social media teasers, the album was brought into the world. And let me tell you, the group exceeded every possible expectation with this release.

Right off the bat, the album is brought to life with a very distinct, playful guitar riff at the start of the opening track, “Gotta Get Away”. With the entrance of the bass and percussion, you’re immediately drawn into what might be, in my opinion, the album’s strongest track. It plays with simple repetition and light tones, until the bridge grabs your attention with lead vocalist Derek Thomas’ powerful vocals and a punch from guitarist Sam Plecker.

“Booty Shakers Ball” continues with a nostalgic, classic-rock feel with apparent influence from icons such as The Rolling Stones. The album takes twists and turns throughout with hints of funk and pop like The Bee Gee’s and Michael Jackson, but stays central and cohesive with the consistency of bold guitars and brash vocals.

With songs like “Giuliana” and “Alice”, Derek shows off the effortless, soulful tones in his voice, while bassist Trevor Sutton takes matters into his own hands and brings a sense of adventure into the songs with the bassline. All the while, drummer Nolan Le Vine is the most important part of the equation, bringing everything full circle with effective drums that piece the songs together.

The band manages to create the perfect balance between serious and playful lyrics, with a heartfelt investigation of dreams in “Fight The War” and a frivolous, uplifting depiction of fun in “Monkey Business”. You can tell the band’s ideas were limitless; they dished out anything and everything they felt with this album.

In conclusion, Vista Kicks really outdid themselves with their latest release. Being lifelong friends, the four boys know how to navigate cooperation and work together to do what they love. They truly put their heart and soul into the creation of this record, and their passion really shines through with every note. I can’t wait to see where these guys decide to go next.

Purchase the album on iTunes, or listen on Spotify.

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