INTERVIEW: Black Cherry Suicide // August 15th



By Kristina Balboa

Black Cherry Suicide is a local Chicagoland band made up of members Leafy Andrew, Sierra Stalla, and Ernie Gaichas. After spending some time with the hard rock/heavy metal trio taking photos, talking new albums, and walking about their hometown- I quickly learned why Black Cherry Suicide needs to be on your radar.

In the first year of jamming together, Black Cherry Suicide has already accomplished a lot!
They are currently playing some shows here and there, preforming original songs off of their Live Fast Die Beautiful EP. Oh, but they have so much more in store for their fans as they are working on a new album “The Music Box”.

Front man, Leafy Andrew, commented on the new album stating “This album will be quite different than our EP. It will have a heavier and meatier sound and will be a lot darker.”
Throughout the interview process, Andrew seemed honest and humorous. He gave a lot of credit to band mates Stalla (bass/vocals) and Gaichas (drums), and gave a shoutout to some of their inspirations My Chemical Romance, Guns N’ Roses, The Rolling Stones, and Highly Suspect.
He also gave a shout out to a friend who helped when BCS was caught trying to find a name.
“We got it from a friend’s result in a band name generator, who agreed to let us use it.” Andrew continued, “Thanks Diana!”
When asked about the ideal place to play, Leafy Andrew agreed that the bigger shows are where the money is at. On the other hand, they’ve always been a fan of small house parties; being up close and personal with the audience.
Black Cherry Suicide is playing their next show tomorrow, August 17th in Valparaiso, Indiana with other great bands such as Saving Abel and Comfort Scarcity.
Come be a part of a show described as “continuously energetic”.
For more information on concerts and new music, like Black Cherry Suicide on facebook:


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