By: Madison Sharp 
Let me preface this by saying it will be bias because of how much I love these guys.
Firstly, if you don’t know who Cherub is they are a musical duo out of Nashville. The duo consists of two great guys, Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber. If none of this sounds familiar turn on their #1 single Doses and Mimosas and I think it will jog your memory. Ever since the band’s start in 2010 they have exploded. Going on tour after tour for years. They have played festivals such as Bonnaroo, Atlanta’s own Shaky Beats, and the upcoming Austin EDM festival Euphoria. They have paved the way in electric synth-alternative. With a sound that is truly their own.
Recently I had the pleasure of attending my third Cherub show in my hometown, Atlanta. On September 24, they made their stop at the Tabernacle. The band has been traveling non stop promoting their new album: Bleed Gold, Piss Excellence. As the day of their show approached a group of friends and I arrived at The Tabernacle at 12 noon. I label myself as the biggest Cherub fan there is but, I got 7 of my friends hooked as well. As we sat for the next 8 hours Jason greeted us. (Not only are these guys unbelievably talented but they are also very sweet) He thanked us for waiting so long and he did remember me from Shaky Beats. As time was getting closer I grew more afraid that I would not be able to take pictures of my favorite people. Disclaimer: Dealing with press at the Tabernacle always sucks. But of course, Jason to the rescue. He called multiple people and everything eventually worked out so that I could be front and center with all my friends and take photos of my favorite duo.
As the show began, two acts came on before Cherub, Boo seeka and Frenship. Boo Seeka, the Australian duo came out and got more of the EDM crowd started up. Next was Frenship (Yes, I am spelling it correctly). They were wonderful as well, and got the crowd dancing to more lyrical music. These two acts prefaced Cherub perfectly. The DJ side got the crowd excited for Jason while the more lyrical side of Frenship got everyone ready for lead vocalist Jordan.
Then the heavens opened up, and Cherub came on stage. It’s crazy to me that no matter if Cherub is playing a music festival or a smaller venue each show is very intimate and personal. As they picked up their guitars they began to play Disco Shit. Which of course is an old favorite off of their 2014 album, Year of the Caprese. Then they went into more smash hits like Work the Middle and Hold Me.
Throughout their set they played songs off of their upcoming October album Bleed Gold, Piss Excellence. Their title track off the album mixes the same familiar synth pop sound with a touch of 70s.
“Verses don’t matter. You don’t matter either and I matter either so what’s the point?” 
I know at this point you are probably sick of my track by track review but I’m writing this looking at the setlist in awe. After BGPE they picked up with some of their old favorites such as Chcolate Strawberries, Monogamy, Freaky Me Freaky You,and Best Friend’s T- Shirt. They then previewed a few more new ones such as All For You, Sensation, and Very Rare. The guys even surprised us by playing their brand new single Signs ft: TI. Being and Atlanta native, you know that TI will show up at any concert if it’s on his home turf. Unfortunately, he was playing a show in Augusta that night. But, that didn’t stop Cherub from unleashing their new single Signs. Cherub songs are famous for making you want to get up and move but Signs literally pulls you off the couch.
“You say that you’re a Gemini? And that’s a perfect match for me.”
As the show drew closer to a close I could already feel the post concert depression kicking in. This was helped a little by Jordan giving me the setlist before the show was over and a nice shoutout (A personal thank you to him. It got the annoying chipmunk girls behind us to shut-up). The night ended with Doses and Mimosas. As the crowd was rushed out of the venue- AGAIN: SHOUT OUT TABERNACLE. We made our way out to the buses to see them and hopefully get backstage. As our luck would have it the backstage was totally full of out of town family of the guys. But, Jordan greeted me outside with a familiar hello and a trip inside their tour bus.
If I haven’t praised them enough, Cherub is one of the most fun bands out there. They put on a show unlike any other. That can only be described as a sweaty disco tech with a modern twist (In a wonderful way). Cherub is currently on tour promoting their new album, out October 14th. 
In conclusion, I know i’ve rambled on gushing about how much I love these guys but I have a feeling you will too. If you take anything away from these 1000 words take away this: A Cherub show will be the peak of your existence. Every other moment from then on will pale in comparison to this. But in all honesty, a Cherub show will make you smile. This concert is a beautiful escape from whatever real life throws at you. Cherub truly inspires each person to forget whatever is bringing you down. Thank you Jordan. Thank you Jason. You truly are Cherubs.
See a Cherub show. Do it, peer pressure. Do it. Tour Dates

“At fine restaurants. it’s considered rude to butter yourself.”- Lori Beth Denberg
From, your biggest fan.


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