ALBUM REVIEW: Red Hot Chili Peppers // The Getaway


by Taylor Libby
RHCP The Getaway.jpg
Recommended Tracks: ‘Encore’, ‘Sick Love’, ‘The Longest Wave’
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A fresh new start.

Just a few things said about the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album The Getaway.
With the single “Dark Necessities” climbing charts and sitting at number 8 on the Alternative iTunes Charts, millions of loyal fans are loving all 51 minutes and 21 seconds of it. But there are two sides to this getaway.
While many people can’t get enough of the new album and the replacement of one John Frusciante, many are stuck living in the past. The comments have ranged from “garbage,” to “the absolute worst album yet.” Some people just don’t like change. But what I personally find intriguing is no matter what song or album, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact timeframe of their music.
They jam the same way in the 80’s and 90’s that they continue to do now. Between the energy level and the power it reminds me of both the 1999 album Californication and an updated Stadium Arcadium. Even though one song has made it big, it doesn’t take away from the beautiful sounds of the album. Songs like “Encore” take trips back to the beginning and continue to where they are now. It crosses multiple genres and melodic themes. People who are afraid of change may not understand why they sound different. The band, as people, has grown and their relationships and personality have changed. It seems as though every song tells a story or personal struggle from every one of the group members. It may take a few listens but it’s worth it; you’ll soon start singing them like the classics.
Overall, I think the talent that these guys show and have shown for 33 years is absolutely amazing and inspiring. The criticism by both the public and media won’t stop these guys from taking off their shirts, slapping the bass, and having a good time playing great music.
Be sure to purchase the album now via iTunes or Amazon.



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