ALBUM REVIEW: Matt Wertz // Gun Shy


By Kyra Posey
Suggested Tracks: ‘Committed’, ‘Smoke’, ‘Stars Align’
I’d be lying if I said that I had ever heard about Matt Wertz before his release of Gun Shy. That being said, my first listen to Gun Shy’s first track, ‘Committed’, definitely grabbed my attention. After listening to Wertz’ previous works (yes, I am a poet/rapper), it’s safe to say that his newest release is definitely a shift from acoustics to electric, poppy beats. Matt Wertz offers a new sound to his old fans and welcomes new fans with his powerful voice and modern feel.
From the beginning, Matt sets up the tone for the rest of the album: upbeat, synth-y, and fun. ‘Smoke’ is one of my favorites, the music complimenting Wertz’ yearning voice perfectly. In regards to his vocals, the listener definitely does not feel slighted. In regards to music, however, the first half of the album seemed to fall flat to me. Each tune seemed quite repetitive, and I found myself wanting something more from this album.
Overall, Matt’s fresh vibe offers up something for every listener: for me, I enjoy the hints of John Mayer/Jason Mraz/James Bay in his voice, while others may enjoy the new modern, nearly the 1975 sound. Gun Shy is an easy listen, perfect for any road trip or plane ride. As Matt has spent 10+ years in the music industry, this is definitely a change in sound that he wants to make. An easy listen, however, does not always mean that this album is anything special.
While good, this album does need something. Whether more raw tones, less synth, or unique sounds to each song, this album definitely lacks an umph factor.
Buy Gun Shy on iTunes here!
And check out his tour to see if he’s coming to a city near you! 


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