Idobi Radio’s “Man of The Hour” Podcast Ends Season Nineteen


By Kristina Balboa


It’s a Wednesday night and you have no class, no work, and it’s not like anyone actually goes out on a weeknight… so what are you going to do? Stare at the wall? Study? Phfft! What you should be doing is checking out the Idobi Network’s “Man of the Hour” Podcast!

Hosted by Simple Plan’s Sébastien Lefebvre and MusiquePlus journalist Patrick Langlois, new podcasts air every Wednesday at 8 PM EST and 7 PM CT on Idobi Radio!

Listening to this podcast, you feel as if you are chatting with your very own friends.

You share some laughs as they key you into the everyday comedy of their personal lives as they run into those close-talkers and have forgotten to brush their teeth, as well as a very professional aspect on music of different genres and their appreciation for songs that fit into their podcast’s theme for that week.

March 9th of this year marked the end of season nineteen for the MOTH Podcast and the boys followed a theme of females. Each artist they discussed was, well, female!

Every show does a mighty fine job of keeping your interest. You’re laughing, you’re dancing, and you’re totally intrigued with what cool new band or song you forgot existed will play next.

We live in a time where we don’t listen to weekly podcasts and we don’t tune in weekly for our favorite t.v. shows. We want everything at the click of a button; which is why Netflix and iTunes exist.

I’m not exactly a weekly-podcast-listening kind of person, but I have become a MOTH-listening kind of person. It’s perfect to listen to as your day is toning down after work or while you’re supposed to be studying.

My favorite part: thanks to sponsors ITS ENTIRELY FREE and ITS AVALIBLE ON ITUNES!

“Man of the Hour” will return in a few months with season twenty! While you patiently await its return, you can always catch up on old shows on iTunes as well.


For more information on Idobi Radio’s “Man of the Hour” podcast or to download, check out the links below:



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