ONES TO WATCH: Shaky Knees Music Festival 2016


by: Cole Winkler

Atlanta’s biggest alternative music festival Shaky Knees Music Festival is is approaching the city fast. Florence + The Machine, My Morning Jacket, and Jane’s Addition is headlining the 3 day event beginning on May 13-15. Shaky Knees has released the full schedule and lineup and we could not be more excited. To help you navigate the three days of crazy, here is a list of must see’s of the Shaky Knees Music Festival weekend.

BAND: Cold War Kids
FROM: Long Beach, California
WHEN YOU CAN FIND THEM: Friday, May 13 on the Peachtree Stage @ 5:15-6:15
WHY WE LIKE THEM: Cold War Kids will unleash your inner rock star. Cold War Kids blend classic rock with modern overtones in a truly magically way. They have a few hit songs but their real magic is there ability to jam. Cold War Kids will not disappoint.
LISTEN: We Used to Vacation, Hot Coals, Miracle Mile, First, Hang Me Up to Dry


BAND: Noah Gunderson
FROM: Olympia, Washington
WHERE YOU CAN FIND THEM: Saturday, May 14 on the Piedmont Stage @ 3:14-4:15
WHY WE LIKE THEM: No one will make you cry like Noah Gunderson. Noah has the voice of an angel and plays the guitar beautifully. Many will be drawn away from Noah because he is low tempo but the sheer beauty and talent Noah posses can seldom be matched.
LISTEN: First Defeat, Smells Like Teen spirit (Nirvana cover), Blossom, The Difference


FROM: Nashville, Tennessee
WHERE YOU CAN FIND THEM: Sunday on the Piedmont Stage @ 12:45-1:30
WHY WE LIKE THEM: COIN sings one of my favorite jam songs, “Run”, a song perfect for those warm days with the windows rolled down while you are screaming the lyrics. COIN has a distinctively pop/synth feel that I find amazing. I’m excited to see how this new band performs at such a large festival.
LISTEN: Run, Atlas, Fingers Crossed


BAND: The Head and The Heart
FROM: Seattle, Washington
WHERE YOU CAN FIND THEM: Sunday, May 15 on the Peachtree Stage @ 6:15-7:15
WHY WE LIKE THEM: The Head and The Heart is a classic indie folk band. Like Noah Gunderson, The Head and The Heart will probably make you weep, but they are outstandingly beautiful. A set by The Head and The Heart will dig up emotions and make you feel things that were previously unknown.
LISTEN: Lost in My Mind, Rivers and Roads, Down in the Valley.

Keep an eye on Shaky Knees Festival at their website:


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