by Mansoor Syed


SALES – The New Rock Duo That’s Gripping The Nation (Or At Least The Southeast)
Two weeks ago, I browsed the bandcamp page website looking for a decent tape to add to my growing collection when I came across an album with perhaps the most unique album art I’d ever encountered on the website. I was immersed and I had to investigate.

The album was by a Florida-based artist called SALES. An EP with such aesthetic appeal couldn’t possibly sound as pretty as it looked, I thought. Boy, was I wrong.

For most artists, it’s easy to compare their music to that of others’; this is not the case with SALES. SALES is a two-person band unlike any other— Lauren Morgan’s voice is a sensational series of haunting waves that stay with you throughout your day— Jordan Shih’s astounding production of a euphony as simplistically beautiful as it is complex and elaborate on its own plane deserves absolute recognition.

Over a thousand people have purchased their debut album, SALES EP, since its release a little over a year ago. That amounts to practically three purchases everyday— a glorious accomplishment for such a relatively unknown band.

“Subtle undertones, remarkable melodies and an unparalleled voice make SALES one of the most unique bands of this decade,” says one buyer on the band’s bandcamp page. Another fan parallels the album’s effect on him with “the awesome feeling you get when your raffle ticket number is called, and you find out that you’ve just won an electronic bicycle.”

SALES labels its self-titled EP as a meld of pop, electronic, “rock-n-roll”, and soul music. Fans of virtually every genre will find this an impressive addition to their music collection.




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