ALBUM REVIEW: Mainland // Outcast EP


by: Emilee Aldridge

outcast ep

Release Date: December 4, 2015

Seasons are changing and temperatures are dropping, so what better way to warm up than with some hot tunes?! New York City based indie-rockers, Mainland, have officially released the Outcast EP into the world for your listening pleasures.

The EP kicks off with the electrifying title-track, Outcast. Though each person interprets music differently, this song generates the idea of embracing life when you leave behind the mold you no longer fit. The underlying synth in the midst of sweaty basement-rock sounds creates a feeling of nostalgia for music of the 90’s.

The next song, A Bit Out of Time, creates an interesting change of pace for the EP with a very despondent mood. Continuing with the “lost” theme, this tune is all about dealing with the distress of loss. Whether you have lost an important person in your life, or are struggling to find yourself, A Bit Out of Time has the ability to make these things hurt just a little less.

If you feel like you were starting to get a little too far into your feelings, the next song is sure to make you snap back into boogie-mode. Drawing inspiration from “70’s funk”, Fading Friends captivates the audience with a tenacious and mesmerizing guitar hook. The brilliant horn addition does nothing but enhance the overall quality of the piece.

Not As Cool As Me can probably be best described as a breakup/moving on jam. The tune alludes to a a particularly messy relationship, where you come out utterly repulsed by the other person. With strong percussive elements, Not As Cool As Me embodies a sense of triumph and confidence.

Because EPs are relatively short, typically four-to-six songs, it can be hard to walk away satisfied. Sometimes the songs all sound the same and leave a flat sort of taste in your mouth. On the other side, all the songs could sound completely different and make absolutely no sense. Mainland did an excellent job of finding a happy medium in the creation of the Outcast EP. These indie-rockers were able to demonstrate enough versatility to satisfy their listeners, yet leave them wanting more.

Be sure to check out the Outcast EP here, so you can say you knew them “when”.

Stay groovy with Mainland below:

(featured photo by CJ Moy)



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