LIVE REVIEW: BoyMeetsWorld // Atlanta, GA


By Kelly Osment


“Man… you’ve got some sick hops.” This is a phrase you might hear at a BoyMeetsWorld show. Maybe not all the time, but I overheard these exact words when I had the pleasure of seeing the band in Atlanta. BoyMeetsWorld, from Cincinatti, OH, are a perfect balance of a pop-rock sound, and pop-punk energy, where you are sure to find yourself singing along and head banging whenever they grace your playlists, like mine. Having released a new album, “Become Someone,” over the summer, and finished a well-deserved round on Warped Tour, they just cannot stop. Currently on tour with 7 Minutes in Heaven, BoyMeetsWorld are ripping up stages all over the East Coast.


After trying to catch the band all summer as they stopped through on Warped, I was excited to finally see their show in Atlanta, GA, hosted by Georgia Tech’s venue, Under the Couch. On a rainy Sunday, a punk pop show is exactly what everyone needed to get their blood pumping. If anyone can get the Georgia Tech campus rocking, it’s BoyMeetsWorld, and they did not disappoint. I am not going to spoil any of the set list, in case you haven’t made it to their show yet, but let me warn you: bring your energy and your hopping shoes no matter how small the venue. Smaller shows are always the most personal, fun and energetic. When the time is right, you won’t have a choice but to jump in time to the pop-rock beats of their catchy lyrics.

When it comes to live shows, you cannot judge the performance of a band by how many people appear in the crowd. A band is defined by the love and dedication they put into their music and live show, and most of the time this is overlooked in today’s media. BoyMeetsWorld are a band that you can always expect a great stage presence from, because they put their heart and soul into their music, and it is clear as day how dedicated they are to their music. If you have not been able to catch them at a show thus far, be sure to follow them and stay updated on other tours.

See the live photos of this show here.



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